Stockholm Top Beer Places – Pub Guide – Ölkrogar
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Stockholm Top Beer Places – Pub Guide – Ölkrogar

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2023 03 23    11:01

Latest Places update: March 21st, 2023

Latest Beer Events and News update: March 23rd, 2023


Stockholm is an amazing Craft Beer city – not only the Akkurat place, but pretty many other great places as well, create that picture. Also some really classic institutions connected to beer, that is worth to know, are mentioned.

With reservations for any (sudden) alterations made at the places.





Some recent major news, alterations or additions

Beer Events

C  Some explanations – certain attributes are clickable in order to more easily find these places

D  Stockholm Top Beer Places

E  Places Bubbling Under or Nice To Know

F  Old Time Classic Institutions

G  Places Closed Down

H  Contact




Some recent major news, alterations or additions 

– Omnipollo has opened a new place, Omnipollos Hörna, within Ugglan Boule & Bar, SÖ – Närkesgatan 6, far inside beyond the boule and game hall. It has replaced the old Brewdog bar.

– Katarina Ölkafé is opening a second place at Bondegatan 57, close to Sofia Kyrka/Church, some time in April 2023.

– Television Brewing Co has opened a Taproom at VS – Västmannagatan 69, entering the list at 15 points.  However, you cannot just go there, you have to sen an e-mail to find out when it is open. See the entry.

– Bryggeri Munkbron has re-surfaced and replaced the old Vört Gastrobryggeri in the same premises. Found below on 16 points.

– Stockholm Brewing with Taproom in Frihamnen – Frihamnsgatan 26A, has now difficulties surviving. Help them by visiting their Taproom. It is pretty easy to get there by bus 1 from Hötorget or Stureplan, or by bus 76 from Slussen or Nybroplan. Open Thursday – Saturday. 

– The Flying Elk in Gamla Stan has closed down.

– A new place has opened at northeastern part of Södermalm, a sportsbar with 24 taps Craft Beers. It is Beer n’ Food, located at SÖ – Renstiernas Gata 22.

– Vasastan Ölhall, a new big beer place in the northern part of Stockholm with 36 taps, has finally opened at Ynglingagatan 9. However, initially it is only open for lunch, evening opening hours comes soon. The opening has been delayed depending on water damage in the Kitchen.

– Smakverkstan – a brewery with a pub having 10 taps, located in Bromma – Rimmargatan 16, in suburban Stockholm, enter the list at 15 points. You have to book beforehand and can easily go there by the tram from Alvik.

– Guest Izakaya, the new, only 4 months old place, has now sadly lost its beer concept.

– Patty’s Pub & Restaurant at SÖ – Hornsgatan 154 has closed down.

– Brisket & Friends has opened a second BBQ place in Stockholm in Södermalm at SÖ – Östgötagatan 25, in the next block north of the Mikkeller Södermalm place. The place enter the list at 15 points.

– Brewski brewery in Helsingborg, Sweden, opens a Barski Bar in Stockholm. Not yet known where or when.

– The names of the places are now clickable for reaching the places’s websites.






Beer Events

Most Thursdays – and very often Wednesdays: “Skrubbetorsdag” – when Jens Skrubbe brings lots of fine and interesting Belgian beers on tap. Sometimes also some other days in the week; check Facebook – – – Internationella Pressklubben, CT – Vasagatan 50 

Most Sundays: Bottle share Sunday – bottle beers by the glass – – – Oliver Twist, SÖ – Repslagargatan 6

November 17th – October 2023: Beer Exhibition – beer history in Sweden – – – Spritmuseum, Djurgården – Djurgårdsstrand 9

March 7th, and on while it lasts: 30 new beer cans from the USA – – – Flying Scotsman Inn, KH – Fleminggatan 28

March 20th -25th: German Week – – – Bishops Arms, GS – Tyska Brinkem 36


March 20th: Brekeriet & Benchwarmers Beermaker’s Dinner. Book at: – – – Portal Restaurant, VS – S:t Eriksplan 1

March 21st: Sanna Lindberg releasing her new book “Den Nya Ölkulturen/The New Beer Culture” – – – Lådan, VS – Luntmakargatan 63

March 23rd: Deya Tap Takeover – – – Akkurat, SÖ – Hornsgatan 18

March 23rd: Skrubbe 50 Years Jubilee – – – Internationella Pressklubben, CT – Vasagatan 50

March 23rd: Protokoll Tap Takeover with brewer visiting – – – Sorbon, Bromma – Kvarnbacksvägen 135

March 25th: Örebro Brygghus visiting with their beers on tap and bottle/can – – – Bishops Arms, SÖ – Bellmansgatan 12

March 25th: Ten Hands Brewing Tap Takeover – – – Stigbergets Fot, SÖ – Götgatan 5

March 25th, 5.30 pm and 7 pm: Six Years at Six – Ten Hands Brewing Beer and Beer Cocktail Tastings. Book at: – – – Hotel At Six, CT – Brunkebergstorg 6

March 25th: Nöjesguidens Ölmässa. Tickets at:  – – – Brygghuset, VS – Norrtullsgatan 12N

March 29th: Beermaker’s Dinner with Jämtlands Brewery – – – Ardbeg, GS – Västerlånggatan 68

March 30th: Brouwerij Alvinne is visiting with a lot of nice beers – – – Internationella Pressklubben, CT – Vasagatan 50

March 31st – April 1st: Birthday Party – – – Chewie’s Bar, KH – Norr Mälarstrand 32

April 14th and 15th: Bar draining before closing (while pipe works are going on) – – – Black & Brown Inn, SÖ – Hornsgatan 50B

April 18th, 6 pm: Beer Dinner – 4 Dishes and 7 Beers. CC is guiding. Book at – – – Akkurat, SÖ – Hornsgatan 18

May 22th – 27th: 30 Years Jubilee – – – Oliver Twist, SÖ – Repslagargatan 6





Some explanations

This pub guide on Stockholm Top Beer Places, is compiled and updated from how fun Beertil think it is to visit these places from a Craft Beer point of view. Places with lower ratings can naturally be very good from other points of views.

Neither Food, Whiskey, Wine nor Drink selections are included in the ratings. Ratings are considered over time, some places vary, some don’t. If not otherwise stated, references are made to beers coming from Craft Beer breweries. 

Highest rating is 20. Rating stated before the name of the place. The name of the place is clickable to reach the places’s websites.

OS = Outdoor seating summertime or when the weather allows. 

AC = Air Conditioning

3,5 % PLACE = Indicates this is a place with beers containing maximum 3,5% alcohol only. Click to easily find these places.

BREWPUB = A brewery including a pub.

CONCEPT = The place has a certain concept.

U = The place has the beer selection listed on Untappd. In case you do not have the app, google the name of the place and the name Untappd. 

RA = Real Ale are being served. Click to easily find these places.

= Places with especially nice outdoor seating summertime

GAME = Game hall places. Click to easily find these places.

♫ = Places with live music, in some cases DJ music only as stated. Click to easily find these places.

W = Also specializes in a great Whisky selection. (Other places may very well have a fine Whisky selection too).

🐕 = Dogs welcome

Current: More or less temporary alterations or reductions on a place are given in blue below the previous text block. These details may sometimes show to change very quickly – or sometimes takes a long time.


Area code given prior to the street address indicates in which Stockholm area the place is located:

CT – The place is located in Stockholm City

GS – Gamla Stan island

HO – Hornstull area at western part of Södermalm island.

KH – Kungsholmen island

SÖ – Södermalm island, except the western part.

VS – Vasastan area.

ÖM – Östermalm area.

Full area name instead of an area code indicates the place is located in suburban Stockholm.


Further details:

  • Rather common places are closed Sundays and/or Mondays.
  • During the summer (June, July and August) some places have a bit more limited selection on tap and bottle/can.
  • At more and more places you are welcome to have smaller glasses (15cl, 20 cl or “half glasses”) – in order to be able to try some more beers.



Stockholm Top Beer Places


19      Akkurat            – Visited December 2022
SÖ – Hornsgatan 18      OS      RA      W     

Top-rated – Number 1 – beer place in the world, on from July 2014 until early 2017! (Now the place is number 3). Whenever I’ve entered through the years I get a feeling this is in a class of its own. Amazing selection of Craft Beers on tap – 15 taps are rotating pretty quickly (at the bar-counter corner), while 9 others are more steady Craft Beer taps. Also 3-4 Real Ales on tap, and for the way they handle them, the place has received the Cask Marque Award for many years. They have also an impressive selection of beers in bottles/cans – maybe more than 700, including Vintage bottles/cans. There is a Black Book listing 35 limited releases, 100 Belgian bottles/cans and around 40 maybe more common beers. BUT, there is also the impressive Red Book listing the very lot including hundreds of vintage beers from Belgium, the USA and other countries. Runs sometimes different themes like Franken weeks and the famous Péché Day. The place sometimes also runs different kind of beer tastings. Around 450 different Whiskys – they come and go. Live music last Sunday every month. Open until 10 pm Sundays, 12 pm Mondays – Tuesdays and 1 am Wednesdays – Saturdays. (Opened 1995) 

BEER EVENT: March 23rd: Deya Tap Takeover

BEER EVENT: April 18th, 6 pm: Beer Dinner – 4 Dishes and 7 Beers. CC is guiding. Book at 



Ask for the red book with all the bottles/cans and vintage beers


19      Internationella Pressklubben            – Visited January 2023  
CT – Vasagatan 50      OS      AC      CONCEPT: Belgian beers     🐕
Reliable place – a place with the greatest selection of Belgian beers in the northern part of Europe. Formerly a hangout mainly dedicated to the press people. A lot of artists on pictures from stage and screen on the walls in the restaurant rooms close to the bar counter. Very impressive selection of Belgian beers – only – not just from the classic Belgian breweries, but also from newer Belgian start-up Craft Beer breweries. Up to 18 nice Belgian beers on tap and around impressive 800 Belgian bottles/cans. However, if you count all the different vintage years, the amount counts to maybe 850. or, when a new delivery has arrived there may be even 900 bottles/cans in all. Some naturally sells fast. Dogs are welcome in the first room close to the street.

BEER EVENT: Most Thursdays – and very often Wednesday: “Skrubbetorsdag” – when Jens Skrubbe brings lots of fine and interesting Belgian beers on tap. Sometimes also some other days in the week; check Facebook.

BEER EVENT: March 23rd: Skrubbe 50 Years Jubilee

BEER EVENT: March 30th: Brouwerij Alvinne is visiting with a lot of nice beers



19      Man In The Moon            – Visited January 2023
VS – Tegnérgatan 2      OS      AC      W
Classic very nice ‘Gastro Pub’ with 30 beer taps. The beer selection on tap may, according to season, sometimes vary down to around 18 Craft Beers, but most often provide a couple of fine or rare beers. Own beer Månens Amber Ale, at present brewed by Fjäderholmarna. Very inventive with different high quality seasonal events, for instance Oktoberfest with 30 German beers altering on the taps. In January 2018 an amazing OHIO Tap Takeover with Hoppin’ Frog, Jackie O’s, Listermann etc, January 2019 New York Tap Takeover, August 2019 an outstanding Evil Twin tap takeover with 30 beers on tap flown in from The USA, January 2020 a great Florida Tap Takeover with 80 beers altering on the 30 taps and now in November 2022 a Stigbergets Tap Takeover with 30 beers on tap. Impressive 240 bottles/cans selection, including around 100 Belgian, 45 US, 40 Swedish, 15 UK and 10 Norwegian bottles/cans and the rest from 10 other countries. Among the US bottles/cans there are very nice ones including for instance Listermann, North Coast, Toppling Goliath, Hoppin’ Frog and 8 different Fifty Fifty Eclipse Imperial Stout. Also an  extensive cellar with 350 different vintage beers. Also around 100 different whiskies. (Opened 1994).



18      Mikkeller Bar Stockholm            – Visited March 2023
ÖM – Brahegatan 5      U      OS      🐕
A great place with a second room a few steps up. There are 24 Craft Beers on tap, usually maybe half of them are Mikkeller beers. Around 75 beers in bottles/cans, around half of them Mikkeller beers and the rest from other breweries, including some mead. Bottles/cans list also on Untappd. Nice Danish ‘Smørrebröd’ to eat and some other dishes as well. (Opened 2017) 




18      Mikkeller Bar Södermalm            – Visited January 2023
SÖ – Östgötagatan 33      U      🐕
A pretty new fine beer place, strengthening the beer place cluster at Södermalm even more. Nice rather dark walls makes this place into a cozy hangout with also an inner room and a balcony. 20 very well-chosen beers on tap. Naturally many of their own Mikkeller and Warpigs beers, but often many nice guest beers, for instance even from Hill Farmstead. Around 60 bottles/cans, including magnificent ones like Baghaven, Monkish, Stockholm Cellar series and naturally Mikkeller. Bottles/cans list also on Untappd. (Opened 2021)




18      Omnipollos Hatt            – Visited January 2023
SÖ – Hökens gata 3      OS      AC      🐕
Small very popular Omnipollo brewery venue. On Ratebeer (spring 2018) considered number 6 in the world among breweries. Not a “Pub” – not a “Restaurant” – great design – certain ceiling lamps shines, while other shines as well! Amazing beers! Often around 8 of their own beers on the 10 taps – nearly always fabulous ones like their own NOA or Armageddon and a lot of other great beers. Now and then interesting tap takeovers. Around 10 bottles/cans, but, the available selection do really vary a lot. They also sometimes run oven takeovers with guest chefs from fabulous restaurants making pizzas! Very nice non-Italian pizzas as standard. Open to 1 am every night. (Opened 2015)



The pizza menu


18      Omnipollos Kyrka            – Visited February 2023
Sundbyberg – Sturegatan 41      OS      BREWPUB      🐕
A perfect combination of a church, a brewery and a tap room in a great harmonious atmosphere. 14 – 16 taps pouring amazing beers. There are around 30 bottles/cans, often some sour ones, but now and then a lot more different styles depending on what nice bottles/cans the have obtained. The tap room/restaurant is located on the inside balcony, from where you have a great view over the brewery. The brewing started during the spring of 2021. Food includes some Burgers and also some ‘Not Burgers’. Open Wednesdays – Saturdays. (Opened 2021)

Current: In December 2022 there are two really spectacular bottles for 10.000 Swedish Crowns each. 




18      Sorbon            – Visited March 2023
Bromma – Kvarnbacksvägen 135 at Brommaplan      U      OS      RA
Very nice place – very unusual with such a great beer place in suburban Stockholm. Reliable place, mostly with some for me surprising and interesting beers on the 20 Craft Beer taps and 1 tap Real Ale. They also have 1 house IPA, Sorbon X, brewed by Mohawk. Some beers are served in the correct company glasses, for instance beers from Founders. Around 80 bottles/cans, including some 12 vintage beers. Bottles/cans list on Untappd. Always some interesting ones waiting in the back fridges. Sometimes there has been a fantastic selection on tap! New owner and pub chief from August 2021. They will continue in maybe an even better way.

BEER EVENT: March 23rd: Protokoll Tap Takeover with brewer visiting



18      Stigbergets Fot            – Visited December 2022
SÖ – Götgatan 5     U      OS      🐕      
Somewhat sophisticated and very nicely decorated beer hangout. Started by the Göteborg brewery Stigbergets and the Barrel Burgers & Beer Company. Around 27 taps running around 10 of Stigbergets’ Beers and the rest comes from other great breweries. Now and then running great Tap Takeovers. An inner room with 5 extra taps may now and then hold special beer events. Around 40 well chosen and interesting bottles/cans – they varies a lot. Some interesting Meads and Ciders as well. Bottles/cans list also on Untappd. (Opened 2020)

BEER EVENT: March 25th: Ten Hands Brewing Tap Takeover



Last picture the smaller inner room


18      Zum Franziskaner            – Visited December 2022
GS – Skeppsbron 44      OS           CONCEPT: German style beers      
Incredible old classic Beer Hall. The place started in 1889. However a new house was built on the site in 1910, and had then the present interior imported from Germany. The bar has 13 taps with around 7 German beers. The other taps contain beers from Swedish Nynäshamn and Skebo in the German tradition. Probably more than 40 very well chosen bottles/cans, some interesting German ones, some Swedish and some great Cantillon ones.  In an inner room is a fine refurbished bar called Bakfickan – often serving beers from 1 or 2 gravity pulled kegs and 1 Cantillon, in addition to the same 13 beers as in the main bar. On certain Sundays Bakfickan offers live music, see Facebook and their website. In all an excellent place. Sometimes fantastic beer events like last winter German Bock beers never before seen in Sweden. Not to mention the magnificent Zwanze Day 2022 with a lot of seldom seen beers. New owner in 2017. Outdoor seating also in the alley Södra Bankogränd. (Opened 1889)

Current: Bakfickan is being refurbished, opens again February 21st. More great Cantillon beers are waiting in the cellar. Live music is not yet resumed. 



Bakfickan bar counter.                                                                              


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17      Belgobaren            – Visited December 2022
CT – Bryggargatan 12      OS      CONCEPT: Belgian beers
Very classic place with Belgian beers only – has survived the Craft Beer explosion. Lots of lunch guests, hotel guests and conference people. 17 taps, sometimes including 1 or 2 non-Belgian beers, but in the Belgian style, for instance from Nacka.. Nearly 500 bottles/cans including vintage years and really big bottles in different sizes. Don’t miss to check the temporary taps at the bar counter corner. (Opened 1990).




17      Bishops Arms Sundbyberg            – Visited December 2022
Sundbyberg – Landsvägen 49      OS     
Very nice and cozy classic Bishops Arms place with tram stop outside. Most often 18 Craft Beers on the 28 taps, often some great and unexpected ones. Around 115 beers in bottles/cans. Fantastic Christmas decoration every year – just like a fairy world. Now and then they run Beer Events. Also Metro and Commuter trains close by.


Often a number of taps with beers from close by Omnipollo brewery



17      Bishops Arms Vasagatan            – Visited March 2023
CT – Vasagatan 7      OS
Nice place and also the most central of the 5 different Bishops Arms in Stockholm, close to the Central Station. Around 21 Craft Beer taps, 13 on the central tap section and 2 close by. The other 6 Craft Beers do not alter so often and may be for instance Sierra Nevada, Chimay, Leffe and Lagunitas etc. Very good selection of bottles/cans, around 200. The bottles/cans comes and goes – always more waiting in the back fridges. (Opened 2007).




17      Brewdog Bar Kungsholmen            – Visited March 2023
KH – S:t Eriksgatan 56      U      🐕 
Nicely refurbished October 2019, now with a pretty much better white beer board. Most often very good selection on tap – around 10 Brewdog beers and around 10 other nice beers as well. Around 30 Craft Beer bottles/cans. Some special ones for instance from Brasserie du Pays Flamand. Bottles/cans list on Untappd. Maintains a sort of style giving impressions from the Punk era. Upstairs room also very pleasant with table and card games to be played while having a beer or two. Closed Sundays. (Opened 2013)




17      Brewdog Bar Södermalm            – Visited January 2023
SÖ – Ringvägen 149      OS      U      🐕
Nicely refurbished October 2019, now with a pretty good white beer board, but not as personal and artistic as their previous one. Most often very good selection on the 20 taps, around half of them runs Brewdog beers and the rest rotating beers from other breweries. Around 40 Craft Beer bottles/cans. Bottles/cans list on Untappd. Maintains a sort of style giving impressions from the Punk era. Some table and card games to be played while having a beer or two. (Opened 2015).




17      Industrigatan 2            – Visited January 2023
KH – Industrigatan 2      U      OS      🐕      CONCEPT: Very fresh local beers on tap      
A nice place with a great Mexican wall-painting harmonizing with the Mexican food served in the Taqueria. Started by the Swedish brewery Dunder & Krut. 10 taps most often including an own beer brewed by Dunder & Krut. Other beers may come from local breweries like for instance Hopnotch, Northern Exposure, Södra Maltfabriken, Ekerö and Tempel Brewing and more. Around 250 very well chosen and conditioned bottles including Thomas Hardy, Founders, Vreta Kloster, Connecticut Valley, Roslags Näsby, 3 Fonteinen, Thirsty Dog, Firestone Walker, Van Steenberge and many more. Of these are around 110 made available for sale so far and 34 are already sold out. Bottles/cans list also on Untappd. (Opened 2020).



Always fine and unexpected beers in the bottle/can list!


17      Lådan            – Visited January 2023
VS – Luntmakargatan 63      CONCEPT: Swedish beers          🐕      
Nice pretty big place with a fun and a bit rustic style. Most often 20 Swedish Craft Beers on tap. Sometimes  1-2 locally produced soft drinks or cider on tap. Around 10 nice Craft Beer bottles/cans which varies – the selection contains what interesting beers they succeed to obtain every time they acquire. Bottles/cans list on Untappd, but check the shelf in the bar as well. Different sliders and some other dishes. Tap-takeovers now and then, Autumn 2021 for instance a great Svartbergets Tap Takeover. Also sometimes oven takeover by restaurants. (Opened 2017)

BEER EVENT: March 21st: Sanna Lindberg releasing her new book “Den Nya Ölkulturen/The New Beer Culture”


Small part of the decoration at Lådan (Swedish for “The Box”)



17      Livs            – Visited December 2022
SÖ – Bjurholmsgatan 18      U      OS      🐕
A fine ‘water hole’ in true ‘Södermalmish’ slightly bohemian interior style. Often great and unexpected Craft Beers on the 10 taps, like for instance from Vault City, Mariatorgets and Adroit Theory. Around 13 very well chosen and interesting Craft Beer bottles/cans, sometimes including for example Cantillon. Bottles/cans list on Untappd. (Opened 2018)




17      Oliver Twist            – Visited March 2023
SÖ – Repslagargatan 6     OS      RA      🐕
Genuine and really steady, maintaining its standard! 20 beers on tap and 3 Real Ales. For their handling of the Real Ales, they have received the Cask Marque Award for many years. A varying but always interesting selection of around 200 bottles/cans. This pub kind of started the Craft Beer boom in Stockholm already in 1993. Dogs welcome close to the main entrance. (Opened 1993)

BEER EVENT: Sundays: Bottle share Sunday – bottle beers by the glass

BEER EVENT: May 22th – 27th: 30 Years Jubilee



Nice Christmas decoration


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16      Ardbeg Embassy            – Visited December 2022
GS – Västerlånggatan 68      U      OS      CONCEPT: Swedish beers      W  
Very nicely decorated place on the whisky theme. 7-8 taps with beers from Gotland and 17 or 18 taps with Swedish Craft Beer breweries including one House IPA brewed by Strömsholms Brygghus. Around 5 Swedish bottles/cans, adding to the Swedish taps. No bottles listed on Untappd. Around 450 different whiskys, some very rare. Small but nice outdoor seating in the alley at the right. (Renamed some years ago from Glenfiddich).

BEER EVENT: March 29th: Beermaker’s Dinner with Jämtlands Brewery



16      Beer n’ Food            – Visited February 2023
SÖ – Renstiernas Gata 22      🐕
A welcome location at northeastern part of Södermalm, a sports bar and a sister place to Beer n’ Play. Nice dark walls, and the left half of the place is situated on a somewhat higher level a few steps up. Showing football and other sports. As the name suggests, they focus on combining Craft Beers and food. Impressive 24 beer taps of which 19 are in use the first week. No Craft Beer bottles/cans. (Opened 2023).



16      Beer n’ Play            – Visited January 2023
HO – Hornsgatan 138     U      OS            🐕      GAME

A nice place with warm brick walls, black sofas, shuffleboards, pool tables and lots of other games as well as table and card games. Also showing football and other sports – for high rated sports nights it is advisable to book a table. Around 20 Craft Beer taps and one Hopinator tap with especially flavored beer. Around 30 Craft Beer bottles/cans. Bottles/cans list on Untappd. (Opened 2019).




16      Bishops Arms Gamla Stan            – Visited February 2023
GS – Tyska Brinken 36      RA      🐕

High ambition in a grand Bishops Arms place – but still pretty cozy with for instance a real old time fireplace. Around 13 Craft Beers on tap and 1 Real Ale tap. Good selection of around 160 Craft Beer bottles/cans in a very readable list. Some may not be viewable from the bar counter, but stored in back fridges. Also table and card games to be played. Good location close to Gamla Stan metro station. (Opened 2013)

BEER EVENT: March 20th -25th: German Week



16      Bryggeri Munkbron            – Visited March 2023
GS – Lilla Nygatan 2      OS      BREWPUB      🐕 

Vört Gastrobryggeri is gone, but Bryggeri Munkbron has re-emerged in the same premises. Finely refurbished in a house from 1643. The brewery is visible from part of the premises. The same brewer continues to brew very fine beers. There are around 7 own brews on the 12 taps. Naturally these most often also include some nice guest beers. The place has nearly no bottles/cans. (Re-opened 2023). Current:  The really pleasant fine cellar downstairs is partly open. Not yet known when the downstairs bar counter will be built, but hopefully the rumor is true that the old very fine bar counter will come back there. 





16      Omnipollo Flora & Omnipollo Ice Cream            – Visited July 2022
ÖM – Kungliga Humlegården 1      OS            🐕
Magnificent summer place in the pretty central and very green garden Humlegården. Outdoor seating only. One stall for beers and one stall for Ice Cream. 7 Craft Beer taps. Around 15 bottles/cans often including sour and stout beers. Food has focus on different Burgers and Fish & Chips. Opening hours depending on the weather. (Opened 2019).

Current: Closed for the season. Opens again sometime in May 2023.



16      PangPang Restaurang            – Visited January 2023
HO – Långholmsgatan 34        🐕       
Chic restaurant giving some vibes of New York or Tokyo. Food has a certain focus on Southern Europe. 10 taps pouring beers from the PangPang brewery and around 5 bottles/cans, own as well. Also a few drinks on tap. (Opened 2021)




16      Stockholm Brewing – Santa Salsa – Taproom            – Visited February 2023
Frihamnen – Frihamnsgatan 26A      OS       BREWPUB      ☀      🐕      

Formerly located at Södermalm, the brewery moved 2018 to bigger premises in Frihamnen. A simple but yet elegant tap room, from where you have a fine view into the brewery. Around 16, or sometimes even 18, of their own beers on tap – may include a few collaborations. Around 10 – 15 bottles/cans, including some from their cellar series. However, these amounts varies a lot. Located slightly out of town, but still easy to get there with bus 1 from Hötorget or Stureplan, or by bus 76 from Slussen or Nybroplan. Open Thursday – Saturday. Frequently brewery tours and beer tastings. (The old pub opened 2015, on this location 2018).




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15      Bishops Arms Bellmansgatan            – Visited December 2022
SÖ – Bellmansgatan 12     OS      RA      
Maybe the coziest Bishops Arms in Stockholm up in a beautiful historic area close to Slussen. Around 13 Craft Beers on tap, including one tap Real Ale. Has one tap especially devoted to Porter or Stout  Around 140 bottles/cans, including 20 bigger ones suitable for sharing. Sometimes different beer events like for instance a Collective Art tap takeover with suitable cheeses for each beer. (Opened 2000).

BEER EVENT: March 25th: Örebro Brygghus visiting with their beers on tap and bottles/cans.



15      Bishops Arms S:t Eriksgatan            – Visited January 2023
VS – S:t Eriksgatan 115      OS      RA            🐕
Pretty big classic Bishops Arms place with a nice restaurant in the next room behind the bar counter.  26 taps with around 11 Craft Beers, apart from Sigtuna and Nya Carnegiebryggeriet. Around 50 bottles/cans which are altered pretty frequently, including a few bigger ones suitable for sharing. Now and then Beer Events, for instance a great Tap Takeover with Vocation Brewery Autumn 2021. 



15      Brisket & Friends            – Visited February 2023
CT – Upplandsgatan 7      U      OS      🐕      BREWPUB      CONCEPT: Swedish Beers
A BBQ place close to Norra Bantorget square, which actually also is a Brewpub, though the Brewery PKLK is located in Suburban Stockholm. Very nice interesting atmosphere giving thoughts of a finely refurbished machine shop. All 12 taps pouring Craft Beers from PKLK brewery and their brand Big Bone Brews, including a varying number of guest taps. Nearly no bottles/cans, maybe a stout and a gluten free one.  Now and then running very nice Stockholm Brewers United Tap Takeovers with 12 breweries visiting. Dogs allowed at the inner garden. (Opened 2019)

Current: A few standard beers in early February, probably depending on the bad times, like Murphy’s Irish Stout and Åbro Fat 21.




15      Brisket & Friends            – Visited December 2022
SÖ – Östgötagatan 25      U      OS      🐕      BREWPUB      CONCEPT: Swedish Beers
A new BBQ place in an increasing Craft Beer area at Södermalm. It is actually also a Brewpub though the Brewery PKLK is located in Suburban Stockholm. A bit unusual place but very nice and functional atmosphere. 9 taps pouring Craft Beers from PKLK brewery and their brand Big Bone Brews, including a varying number of guest taps. Nearly no bottles/cans. Now and then they run nice Tap Takeovers. Dogs allowed at the outdoor seating. (Opened 2019)




15      The Churchill Arms            – Visited February 2023
VS – Tulegatan 21      U      OS      RA      🐕

Very nice popular British style pub with 35 taps. Around 14 taps Craft Beers sometimes including for instance Uppsala, Amager, Lervig, Stone, Oppigårds and many others as well. 4 of the Craft Beer taps are more rotating than the others. Around 30 bottles/cans. Bottles/cans list on Untappd. Often a Real Ale from maybe Rudgate, Fullers or Saltaire. (No connection to Churchill Arms in Uppsala). (Opened 2013)




15      The Flying Dog – Beer Palace            – Visited March 2023
CT – Vasagatan 52      OS      AC
One of very few places serving Craft Beers combined with showing football and other sports. Around 13 Craft Beers on the 20 taps, sometimes unexpected and interesting ones. Often a lot of good ones from Fermenterarna. Also a few others like Hofbräu, Lagunitas, Sigtuna, Nya Carnegiebryggeriet and Brooklyn. Around 25 bottles/cans, including around 7 from Russia. No connection to the US brewery Flying Dog. Open until 3 am all nights. (Opened 2014)

Current: Around 10 bottles/cans. New delivery vastly delayed, still not known if and when it will arrive.



15      Nook            – Visited December 2022
SÖ – Rosenlundsgatan 33      OS      BREWPUB

An ambitious restaurant with a very pleasant interior – keeping somewhat of the old Nook style, but in this new location, 150 meters south of Södra Station, the style has certainly developed into an even more sophisticated atmosphere.
At first you find a kind of octagonal garden house with windows all around – except for the side where the 6 Craft Beer taps are located. 4 taps rotate randomly. There is one house beer brewed by Nynäshamns Ångbryggeri called Nook Premiärpilsner. And Nook will start brewing own beers in their brewery being installed in the house below the restaurant. This brewery will hopefully start working sometime February or March 2023.
There are around 
20 bottles/cans, but maybe early next year they hope to land at around 35 bottles/cans. These will be primarily stouts and sours and some others not so common on the taps.
Going into the next room you find a bigger beer room, where there is also a kitchen serving the beer bar dishes. At the far left in this room there is a circular stair leading down to the restaurant. The restaurant is pairing high quality dishes with very suitable Craft Beers. There are naturally wines, drinks and other beverages as well. The wine list contains an impressive amount of around 400 tasteful wines. There is also a room called Nook Market which is serving Asian street food. (Opened 2022).



The restaurant downstairs


15      Nynäshamns Ångbryggeri            – Visited July 2022
Nynäshamn – Lövlundsgatan 2-4      OS      BREWPUB

One of the very first and now classic Craft Beer breweries in Sweden, started 1997.  The very nice pub is mainly open on special occasions. However, they are usually open summertime specific weeks and days. Usually 8 beers on tap and around 20 bottles/cans – own beers only. Some bottles/cans are also available from different vintage years. Pretty cozy archipelago atmosphere in interesting brewery surroundings.

Current: Pub only open at special events

“Vintage” beer – not for sale.


15      Ölstugan Tullen Hornstull            – Visited January 2023
HO – Hornsgatan 143      OS      CONCEPT: Swedish beers
First opening in Stockholm by this old Göteborg beer place chain. 10 Craft Beers on tap and around 60 Craft Beer bottles/cans. One house IPA, Ölstugan Tullen IPA, brewed by Spill Agency and Ocean. There are also 10 non-Craft beer taps. Open to 01 am all nights. (Opened 2018)




15      Ölstugan Tullen Sveavägen            – Visited January 2023
CT – Sveavägen 64      OS      CONCEPT: Swedish beers       
Pretty crowded. The third opening in Stockholm of this old Göteborg beer place chain. Most often 12 Craft Beers on tap and around 45 Craft Beers in bottles/cans. One house IPA, Ölstugan Tullen IPA, brewed by Spill Agency and Ocean. There is also 10 non-Craft beer taps. (Opened 2020)



15     Omaka            – Visited January 2023
ÖM – Uggelviksgatan 2      OS      BREWPUB      🐕
Pretty big place in the block where the KTH School of Architecture is located, in a bit sleepy area of Östermalm. A bit simple but nicely decorated interior, partly with a view into the brewery. Omaka has up to 16 home brewed beers on tap, sometimes including 1 own cider. They have a bit unusual but interesting approach – the beers do not have the traditional labels like Pale Ale, IPA, Neipa, Stout etcetera, but the beer menu has very nice descriptions of how the beers are intended to taste. Around 3 own special beers in bottles/cans, not available on tap. (Opened 2020).




15      PangPang Brewery Tap Room            – Visited September 2022
Hökarängen – Stadsbudsvägen 1      OS      BREWPUB

Small but very nice logo decorated tap room nearly in the brewery premises. 2 of their beers on tap. Choose among 15 – 25 of their cans, available amount is naturally varying, or try a taste flight with any four of their beers in small glasses. Open Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Dogs welcome at the outdoor seating. (Opened 2021).

Current: Closed for the season. Opens again spring 2023.


15      Smakverkstan            – Visited January 2023
Bromma – Rimmargatan 16     OS      BREWPUB

Nano brewery brewing nice and balanced beers in many styles from lager and ale to porter and stout. The nice pub with knowledgeable and very service-minded staff, has 10 taps and 20 seats. You have to book in advance. There are different concepts the 3 open days Thursday – Saturday. On Thursdays the concept is Pub Night with possibility to eat. Fridays offers a visit to the brewery with guidance of the brewer and a Tasting combining a plate with different dishes and 4 beers. On Saturdays you can have a Beer Tasting with 4 – 6 different beers, being guided by the brewer. The pub also offers a few bottles. You can either book on their website, or by e-mail to or by calling 0709-998470. You can easily get there by the tram from Alvik and a short walk. (Opened 2018)




15      Television Brewing Taproom            – Visited March 2023
VS – Västmannagatan 69      🐕      BREWPUB
The Television brewery is located in Bromma, but the Taproom is conveniently located close to Odenplan metro station. A simple but nice drawing room with sofas and a bar counter with 4 taps Television beers. Around 7 own cans but the amount will vary, depending on the brewing situation. However, the place is open only on specific dates, why you have to send an e-mail to find out when. E-mail address: (Opened 2023) 




15      Tritonia Ölverkstad – Barrels, Burgers & Beer            – Visited January 2023
GS – Stora Nygatan 20      U      OS      AC
Great Hamburgers with beers in both rooms. The smaller room is the Craft Beer bar Tritonia. Around 8 Craft Beer taps and around 25 Craft Beer bottles/cans. Bottle/cans list also on Untappd. There have been very nice Beer Events, for example with Mad Scientist and more, but now a bit uncertain if they will continue with similar events. Some table and card games to be played. (Opened 2015)

Current:  Tritonia has lost its pub chief – seems a bit yet undecided how the place will continue, but you can still choose among 7 Craft Beer taps and around 15 bottles/cans.



15      Tunnlandet Tap Room            – Visited March 2023
Bromma – Tunnalndsvägen 65      OS      BREWPUB      🐕

Nice tap room with both chairs and sofas – and impressive wall paintings of people and animals. A local “drawing room” started by Adelsö Bryggeri, Ekerö Brygghus and Northern Exposure breweries altogether. 10 taps of their brews and around 20 varyin bottles/cans. (Opened 2022)




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14      Fjäderholmarnas Bryggeri Brewpub           – Visited June 2022
Fjäderholmarna (30 min Boat trip from Slussen or Nybroplan)      OS      BREWPUB            🐕
Very fine location by the water at the ferry’s ship-quay. Brewery with up to 8 of their beers on tap. Though the main brewery is now located in Bro, the pub still serves fresh beers from tanks. Also a few bottles/cans. Different dishes available in the pub. Pub open summertime only. May: Thursday – Saturday 12 am – 10.30 pm, Sundays 12 am – 8 pm. June – August: Monday – Saturday 12 am – 11 pm, Sundays 12 am – 8 pm. Despite that opening days and times can vary depending on the weather.

Current: Closed for the season. Opens again spring 2023.



14      Flying Scotsman Inn            – Visited January 2023
KH – Fleminggatan 28     U      OS      🐕

Nice pub with a theme from the old legendary British train “The Flying Scotsman” in classic British atmosphere. Around 8 Craft Beers on tap. Also genuine classic taps from Budejovicky Budvar and Weihenstephan. The around 20 bottles/cans varies a lot, they comes and goes, and may include beers from breweries like Galway, Industrial Arts, Amundsen and Vault City to mention a few. This means they are continuously importing smaller batches – beers comes and goes. Bottles/cans list also on Untappd. The downstairs pub open most Fridays from September into April, sometimes with different themes. (Opened 1995)

BEER EVENT: March 7th, and on while it lasts: 30 new beer cans from the USA



14      Humle & Humle            – Visited December 2022
SÖ – Vartoftagatan 51      OS            🐕
Pub with frequent live music, close to Götgatan and “Skrapan”. Nice selection of 9 Craft Beers on tap – all from smaller Craft Beer breweries only (producing 500.000 liters or less a year). No bottles/cans.




14      Katarina Ölkafé            – Visited March 2023
SÖ – Katarina Bangata 27      OS      AC      🐕
Very nice and popular small venue – not a pub, not a restaurant, but a true “Sofo” bohemian cafe. 8 taps pouring mainly local brews like Tempel, Fjäderholmarna, Underjord and Stockholm. Around 35 Craft Beer bottles/cans, including around 10 vintage beers. Very often crowded. (Opened 2014)




14      Restaurang Kroken            – Visited October 2022
Nynäshamn – Fiskargränd 8      OS      🐕 

A fine harbour restaurant amongst harbour sheds, with a view over the sea. 4 beers on tap from Nynäshamns Ångbryggeri and 1 temporary tap, it may for instance be from Brewski or another one from Nynäshamn. 12 bottles/cans from Nynäshamns Ångbryggeri as standard in the menu. These may include for instance two bigger bottles, Valsviken Vinterporter Rödvin and Kvarnstranden Kvadrupel. There is also another bottle/can list, with around 60 – 80 different bottles/cans from Glasbanken. The amount varies depending on deliveries, but may include beers from Apex, Toppling Goliath, Nerdbrewing, Seven Island, The Veil, Northern Monk, Frau Gruber, Duckpond and more. Dogs are welcome in part of the premises.

Current: The Autumn is low season in Nynäshamn, so there are only around 30 bottles/cans available from Glasbanken at present.



The pub lounge


14      MacKinlay’s Inn            – Visited March 2023
KH – Fleminggatan 85          OS      🐕    
Very nice Scottish pub. Around 11 Craft Beers on tap apart from 2 Brooklyn, S:t Eriks and Sigtuna. Around 40 beers in bottles/cans. Also a special cellar list of around 25 vintage bottles/cans. This include for instance 2 different 50/50 Eclipse Imperial Stout. Many suitable for sharing. Bottles/cans list on Untappd. 



14      Ölstugan Tullen Kungsholmen            – Visited February 2023
KH – Hantverkargatan 26      OS      CONCEPT: Swedish beers
Second opening in Stockholm of this nice old Göteborg beer place chain in an area where there are not many Craft Beer places. 8 Craft Beer taps and 14 non-Craft taps. One house IPA, Ölstugan Tullen IPA, brewed by Spill Agency and Ocean. Around 60 Craft Beer bottles/cans. Open to 1 am except Friday and Saturday until 3 am. (Opened 2018)




14      Sommarlådan – upstairs Clarion Hotel           – Visited July 2022
SÖ – Ringvägen 98      OS      CONCEPT: Swedish beers            🐕
A true summer place on a terrace with a fine view into a green park – or over the water to Årsta. 10 Craft Beer taps. 3 Craft Beer bottles/cans including a Stout. Also entrance from the west side of the hotel via a spiral staircase. (Opened 2021) 

Current: Closed for the season. 


The entrance via the spiral staircase at the west side of the hotel.


14      Restaurang W by Winjas            – Visited February 2023
KH – Schelegatan 3      OS      CONCEPT: Cheese and Wine – and Beer !
A perfect place if you want to combine Craft Beers and fine cheeses – a high quality Cheese and Wine place in nice cellar rooms. The beer selection varies somewhat according to season from 30 to 50 bottles/cans,  and include beers from for example Samuel Smith, 3 Fonteinen, Brekeriet, Dugges, Poppels, Penylan, Dupont and Mikkeller. No beer taps. Mostly 40 – 50 cheeses very well tempered to be served at their right time. And an amazing amount of good wines, more than 800, including lots of high quality classic ones as well as wines from the new world. (Opened 2013, previously known as Winjas Ost- och Vinkällare)



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13      Black & Brown Inn            – Visited February 2023
SÖ – Hornsgatan 50B      OS
A British style pub that has been around for more than 35 years. Around 13 Craft Beers on tap, most often 3 from Nynäshamn. Around 30 bottles/cans, some are altering. Cozy place with 2 nice inner rooms as well. (Opened 1987)

BEER EVENT: April 14th and 15th: Bar draining before closing (while pipe works are going on in the house)




13      Bottl3 5hop            – Visited December 2022
SÖ – Kocksgatan 19      OS      BREWPUB       3,5 % PLACE      🐕
Popular place with 4 taps and a good selection of around 70 bottles/cans, mainly from Sweden and The Nordic and Baltic Countries. There are often 1 – 3 own beers on tap and a varying number of guest taps, for instance from Tempel, Uppsala, Coppersmiths and others. The own beers are brewed at Underjord brewery located downstairs. Nice rustic “Södermalmish” interior in Graffiti style. You can bring your laundry and use their washing machines while having a beer or two. It is also a shop where you can buy beer bottles and cans to bring home. (Opened 2016)



The Underjord brewery downstairs with one of the brewers.


13      Gamla Enskede Bryggeri             – Visited March 2023
Johanneshov – Bolidenvägen 8      BREWPUB      🐕     
Not quite a pub in the common sense – nice simple and bohemian interior. Their own brews on the 7 taps and around 5 of their bottles/cans. Open most Thursdays. Live music now and then, also other dates, check Facebook. If so there is sometimes an entrance fee.. (Opened 2019).

Current: Pub open most Thursdays Also open with live music on other days as well, check Facebook.




13      Nya Carnegiebryggeriet            – Visited December 2022
Hammarby Sjöstad – Ljusslingan 15      OS      BREWPUB            🐕      

A brewery with a Restaurant. The interior has developed into more coziness. Mainly their own beers on the 10 taps, including some of their smaller test brews – the Lightbulb series. Sometimes they run 1 – 3 guest taps, for instance from Brooklyn or Brekeriet. Around 45 beers in bottles/cans – including around 10 more exclusive Cuvees and a few lambics. Had in November a nice Tap Takeover with O/O Brewing from Göteborg. Great outdoor seating summertime – conveniently close to the ferry to Södermalm stopping every 20 minutes . (Opened 2014)


The outdoor summer bar counter.

The added small experimental brewery visible from the restaurant

Very close to the ferry to Södermalm


13      Omnipollos Hörna – Ugglan Boule & Bar            – Visited March 2023
SÖ – Närkesgatan 6      GAME 
Pass the first bar and walk through the Boule and Game hall. Far inside is a small bar – Omnipollos Hörna.  4 taps serving Omnipollo Pilsner, Omnipollo Zodiak IPA and 2 taps are rotating continuously with all kind of beers from very Hoppy to Sours and Stouts. Around 25 Omnipollo bottles and cans. The outer bar has mostly no interesting taps, but around 2 bottles/cans from Brewdog and 5 Oppigårds and some sour Brewdog Overworks beers. (Omnipollos Hörna opened 2023).




13      Whippet Lab            – Visited March 2023
SÖ – Rutger Fuchsgatan 5       OS      🐕      BREWPUB 
Nice, somewhat sophisticated and pretty big restaurant. Mostly 8 – 10 Craft Beers on the 13 taps, mainly from Swedish breweries. Most often one own brew on tap – just had one pretty nice Galactic Pride pale ale. Only around 2 Craft Beers in bottles/cans. The food menu consists of pretty many small dishes you can combine in order to get a full meal. It is, apart from a couple of seafood dishes, also a vegetarian restaurant, serving wines and drinks as well. (Opened 2017)



The brewery is viewable from the restaurant


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12      Babajan            – Visited February 2023
SÖ – Katarina Bangata 75      U      OS      🐕 
Interior mix from fine dining room to cozy decadence with Arabian influences in the bar. Around 8 Craft Beer taps running, apart from Sigtuna, Three Towns, Bernard or similar on the 15 taps. Not many Craft Beers. Around 45 Craft Beer bottles/cans, Bottle/cans list also on Untappd.  (Opened 1996, this address since 2009)




12      Bierhaus            – Visited February 2023
CT – Tegnérgatan 10      OS      🐕      CONCEPT: German Beers      
Nice German Bierhaus pastiche serving German dishes like Wurstplatte, Schlachteplatte, Wienerschnitzel, Schweinshaxe and some more. There are around 15 German beers, many pretty common, for instance like Schöfferhofer, Gaffel Kölsch, Löwenbräu, Ayinger, Köstritzer, Spaten, Schneider, Paulaner and some more. Also 9 non-German Craft Beers on tap like Poppels, Fuerst Wiacek, Magic Rock, New Belgium, Chimay and Omaka. Around 11 German bottles/cans, 18 non-German and some Gotlands.  (Opened 2013)

Current: The 10 taps far left  are now in use, so the German taps are pretty much mixed up with the non-German ones, which is not strengthening their German concept.



The restaurant, although you can eat in the other rooms as well.


12      Restaurang Hybrid            – Visited February 2023
Blåsut – Nynäsvägen 287      OS      🐕

Nice restaurant with a bar serving most often 5 Craft Beers on tap, which may be for instance De Molen, O/O, Mikkeller and Uppsala. Also one S:t Erik on tap and around 25 Craft Beer bottles/cans of various kinds. Maintaining a quality concept of both food and drinks, including beers.



12      Kaja            – Visited February 2023
SÖ – Repslagargatan 8      OS      🐕
Small personal pub cafe with 6 Craft Beer taps running, can for instance be from Roslags Näsby, Lervig, Vocation, Gamma, Elmeleven or next time maybe Stockholm, Keane or Apex etcetera – they varies a lot, but there is always a nice selection Craft Beers. Around 20 Craft Beer bottles/cans. (Opened 2021)




12      Löwenbräu            – Visited February 2023
KH – Fridhemsplan 29      OS      CONCEPT: German beers.
Something of a true German atmosphere. Initially located in Klara in the center of Stockholm (An old time Stockholm Institution). 5-6 beers on tap and around 30 German bottles/cans. However, the amount can vary a lot. Often there may be around 15 non-German bottles/cans. Once a year in Feb/Mar a German beer festival with a great selection of German beers (2020 festival 110 beers), with live German music on Saturdays. Runs also classic Oktoberfest. (Opened 1910, this address since 1969). 



12      Münchenbryggeriet Beer Garden           – Visited August 2021
SÖ – Torkel Knutsonsgatan 2      OS      🐕
A huge very old brewery building, now partly used as a conference center. In the premises has started a Craft Beer brewery, mainly serving their beers to conference people. However, in the summer it is open to the public, using a large parking lot as an outdoor seating – a beer garden with 8 taps. Sometimes a guest tap, for instance from Northern Exposure. No bottles/cans. (Opened 2020).

Current: Closed for the season.



12      The Old Brewer            – Visited February 2023
VS – Luntmakargatan 98      OS      RA      🐕
Nice rustic place in the English beer tradition and has received the Cask Marque award for the way the handle the Real Ale taps. Therer are 2 taps English Real Ales and the place is the second bar outside UK having a permanent Timothy Taylor Real Ale tap. There are 12 other taps serving 3 Sigtuna and S:t Eriks beers and 4 guest Craft Beer taps pouring for instance Kernel,  Manchester Marble, Gipsy Hill and Mikkeller.  Around 10 bottles/cans, some sour beers and some classic Belgian ones.



12      Omnipollo at BAK            – Visited August 2022
Hökarängen – Söndagsvägen 3, Kastanjetorget      OS      🐕     
A nice outdoor summer venue beneath green trees with a musical stage – bands of different kinds are playing every other Saturday. Out in the garden is a temporary summer kitchen with a modern pizza oven, serving fine pizzas as the ones at Omnipollos Hatt. 4 Omnipollo taps and around 10 bottles/cans.

Current: Closed for the season.



12      Soldaten Svejk            – Visited March 2023
SÖ – Östgötagatan 35      OS      CONCEPT: Czech beers

True genuine Czech place, with 7 Czech beers on tap (nearly no bottles/cans). Not much variation in the beer selection, but they do have one tap more – a guest tap serving one of all other Czech beers. Very good prices on Czech food. Can be crowded. Also downstairs cellar rooms with 3 of the beers on tap which you order from your table. Downstairs is not quite the genuine coziness as upstairs and it is open Wednesday – Saturday. 

Current: Don’t miss the extra guest tap. It’s listed on the far left board above the bar counter.






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11     Barrels Burgers & Beer City            – Visited February 2023
CT – Smålandsgatan 22      U      OS
Nice place in the city center close to Kungsträdgården park. Around 5 Craft Beers on tap (apart from Pilsner Urquell and Brooklyn), rotating from different breweries like Stigbergets, PangPang and Dry & Bitter among others. All beers on the digital board, also the around 15 bottles/cans. Most beers also on the menu. Bottles/cans on Untappd. Also running Stockholm Beer Fest in August each year at the square outside. (Opened 2017)



11      Belgobaren Bakfickan            – Visited March 2023
VS – Rådmansgatan 67-69      OS      CONCEPT: Belgian beers      🐕

Small and pretty nice place in a Frey’s Hotel Foyer. Strictly Belgian selection in the true Belgobaren manner. 4 taps – may include for instance one Maredsous and in December Gouden Carolus Christmas beer. Around 40 bottles/cans in the menu and another 30 in a fridge in the dining room including some bigger ones suitable for sharing. (Opened 2016)

Current: One tap still not in use (March 15th). Also one fridge not yet repaired.




11      Bistro ICA Liljeholmen (Station)            – Visited March 2023
Liljeholmen – Liljeholmstorget 3
2 Craft Beers on tap for example from Stigbergets, Polly’s, Upbeat and other breweries. Around 60 bottles/cans for example from 8 Bit Brewing, Nerdbrewing, Spyglass, Sibeeria, Magnanimous, Polly’s, and more unusual ones like Alesmith. Very nice prices. Ambitious with sometimes tap takeovers like from Örebro Brygghus with brewers participating. Also known as Vinbaren with around 70 different wines. The food store includes also an extensive selection of maximum 3,5% alcohol beers for sale. (Opened 2012) 




11      Chewie’s Bar           – Visited January 2023
KH – Norr Mälarstrand 32      OS      🐕 

A cozy place in town, which now have new name and turned into a wine bar as well. You can sit down at the bar, find a place upstairs at the balcony, or in the nice inner room. Or have a nice outdoor seating sunny days with a fine view over the water towards Södermalm. 3 Craft Beers on tap, being 3,5 % beers, often including 1 or 2 own brews – brewed by Folk & Brew, and often in collaboration with for instance Brekeriet, Tempel or Unibärsum. Around 22 bottles/cans including 5 with alcohol 3,5% or less(Opened 2016 as Folk & Friends Kungsholmen, as Chewie’s Bar 2022)

BEER EVENT: March 31st – April 1st: Birthday Party



11      Flippin’ Burgers            – Visited March 2023
CT – Norrlandsgatan 16      🐕

A second, bigger and a more centrally located place than their first one at Observatoriegatan. Nice interior in their own tradition, inspired by original American burger places. Mostly 6 Craft Beer taps and around 17 bottles/cans including a couple of rotating guest bottles/cans, which may be for instance a sour and a dipa. (Opened 2021)



11      Flippin’ Burgers            – Visited March 2023
VS – Observatoriegatan 8      OS
One of the very first craft burger places in Stockholm. 6 Craft Beer taps. Around 17 Craft Beer bottles/cans including 5 extra rotating ones. Very good burgers but sometimes a bit overcrowded with a long queue. Certain times in certain days there’s a risk you have to wait an hour if you want to eat – due to that popular burgers. Booking not possible. (Opened 2012, this address since 2013).



11      Portal            – Visited March 2023
VS – S:t Eriksplan 1      OS      🐕
Restaurant with a focus on uncomplicated food to be lifted by good beverages. There is a special entrance to the bar and Studio Stora Bordet (Studio Big Table). An interesting beer concept as they do not have a standard selection of beers. Instead they choose one brewery, or sometimes two, and have a beer selection from them only. And that is for 2 to 3 months. Then they choose another brewery. Dogs allowed at the heated outdoor seating only.

Current: From March 1st they have beers from two breweries, Brekeriet and Benchwarmers – 2 taps and around 10 bottles/cans

BEER EVENT: March 20th: Brekeriet & Benchwarmers Beermaker’s Dinner. Book at: 



The restaurant in the next door entrance.


11      Pub Anchor            – Visited January 2023
VS – Sveavägen 90          OS      AC     
Genuine classic rock pub keeping the spirit of Hard Rock culture alive. Around 80 Craft Beers in bottles/cans including around 10 bigger bottles suitable for sharing. Bottles/cans list on Untappd. Maybe 50 of them listed at the bar counter. Taps include maybe one PangPang or Oppigårds and around 6 Nya Carnegiebryggeriet and Brooklyn. There is also another bar in an inner room at the left of the stage. This is open Wednesdays and Thursdays from 5 pm – 10 pm and all night on Fridays and Saturdays. Live music usually Wednesdays – Saturdays.




11      Skärgårdscafét            – Visited June 2022
Nynäshamn – Fiskargränd 4      OS      3,5 % PLACE      BREWPUB      🐕
Located in a cozy harbour area with small sheds. This place has often one beer on tap from own brewery Oxnö Brewery, which also provides one cider on tap. A nice selection of circa 40 Craft Beer bottles/cans is available. Ice cream, tea, coffee, cakes and other things are being served as well. During the winter open Thursday – Sunday 9 am – 4 pm. From early April open to around 8 pm, also depending on the weather.

Current: Their Oxnö Brewery is now running again and their house beer will be available towards the end of July.



11      Sue Ellen            – Visited November 2022
VS – Tulegatan 17      🐕
A Spendrups place building up a cuvee cellar with interesting bottles/cans. At present around 30 bottles/cans including 15 great ones from Firestone Walker like Parabola Imperial Stouts and Sucaba Barley Wines from different Vintage years. The American Craft Beer brewery Firestone Walker is as big as Swedish Spendrups, which has resulted in their cooperation. The taps are of more standard Spendrups selection including Beavertown and Gotland apart from maybe 2 different Omaka and 1 New Belgium.




11      Söderhallen Biljard            – Visited December 2022
SÖ – Hornsgatan 61      GAME

This is a game hall with Pool tables. Around 70 Craft Beers in bottles/cans, including around 10 more exclusive ones suitable for sharing. However, of these 70 bottles/cans 13 are from Brooklyn and Nya Carnegiebryggeriet. The 10 taps are not very interesting, despite 4 from Nya Carnegiebryggeriet and Brooklyn and 1 Grimbergen..




11      Wirström’s Pub            – Visited February 2023
GS – Stora Nygatan 13      U      OS      W      🐕     
Very nice and friendly Irish pub in two floors. Old time historic cellar vaults from the 1600s, where there are a lot of small rooms to sit down and relax with a beer or two. Around 10 Craft Beers on tap, including 2 classic Belgian beers. Around 10 Craft Beer bottles/cans including 5 non-alcohol beers. Bottles/cans list on Untappd. Around 100 whiskies. Live music downstairs Mondays-Saturdays from 9 pm. Sports on TV at the ground floor. Opened 1997 and then adopting the name of the old place, which was Wirströms Konditori, a coffee and cake place, which opened in the year 1800.


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10      Bryggan, Spritmuseum            – Visited June 2022
Djurgården – Djurgårdsstrand 9      OS      CONCEPT: Swedish beers      ☀      🐕      

Museum of the history of spirits with a restaurant. Very fine outdoor seating summertime at the dock with a great view over the water and the small Marina. 4 Craft Beers on tap. No Craft Beer bottles. During the winter the beer selection in the restaurant inside consists of 3 Craft Beer taps, mainly from Nynäshamn, and maybe 5 bottles/cans. Outdoor seating Bryggan open from some day in early June until late August or early September. However, in the early summer and in the late summer it may be open only in the weekends. Opens 12 am. Closing Monday-Tuesday 5 pm, Wednesday-Saturday 9 pm, Sundays 8 pm. Now and then the place is hired by a private booking. Please call the place to be sure of opening times – it also may depend on the weather. +46 (0)8-1213 1300.

Current: Closed for the season outdoors.



10      The Bull & Beer Inn            – Visited December 2021
ÖM – Birger Jarlsgatan 16A      OS      🐕

Pretty nice pub run by Åbro brewery. 29 taps in all with around 11 Craft Beers, sometimes for example 3 beers from Uppsala Brygghus. Around 25 bottles/cans.

Current: Closed down due to pipe works in the house. Opens again 2024.


10      The Picts Bar            – Visited December 2022
Hammarby Sjöstad – Lugnets Allé 125     OS      🐕 
15 taps usually running 4 beers from Nynäshamn, 2 Brooklyn and 2 guest taps, for instance Oppigårds or Smith Street. Around 40 Craft Beers in bottles/cans, maybe 20 are rotating in more temporary quantities. They show often different sports on TV screens. Dogs are welcome in the bar counter area.




10      Sue Ellen            – Visited February 2023
VS – Tulegatan 17      🐕
A Spendrups place building up a cuvee cellar with interesting bottles/cans. At present around 30 bottles/cans including 15 great ones from Firestone Walker like Parabola Imperial Stouts and Sucaba Barley Wines from different Vintage years. The American Craft Beer brewery Firestone Walker is as big as Swedish Spendrups, which has resulted in their cooperation. The taps are of more standard Spendrups selection including Beavertown and Gotland apart from 1 Omaka, 1 Magic Rock and 1 New Belgium




10      Svartengrens            – Visited February 2023
VS – Tulegatan 24      OS      🐕 
An exclusive restaurant, where booking can be essential, but with a bar as well. 3 beer taps including S:t Eriks and 1 rotating Craft Beer taps which may serve for instance Fermenterarna, Benchwarmers, Omnipollo or Ten Hands Brewing. Around 20 very well chosen Craft Beer bottles/cans to harmonize with the food, which may include Apex, Värmdö, Fermenterarna, Svartbergets, Paranormal, Unibärsum, Stockholm and more. Very good knowledge of the beers being served. Dogs welcome in the bar area. (Opened 2010)




Decoration on their menu.


10      Omnipollos Hörna – Ugglan Boule & Bar            – Visited March 2023
SÖ – Närkesgatan 6      GAME 
Pass the first bar and walk through the Boule and Game hall. Far inside is a small bar – Omnipollos Hörna.  4 taps serving Omnipollo Pilsner, Omnipollo Zodiak IPA and 2 taps are rotating continuously with all kind of beers from very Hoppy to Sours and Stouts. Around 25 Omnipollo bottles and cans. The outer bar has mostly no interesting taps, but around 2 bottles/cans from Brewdog and 5 Oppigårds and some sour Brewdog Overworks beers. (Omnipollos Hörna opened 2023).


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9      Bar Central            – Visited March 2023
                                              OS      CONCEPT: Central European      🐕
Nice restaurant with inspiration from the old Central Europe tradition. They have a big focus on unfiltered Pilsner Urquell on tap. They have got the Tankovna keg, which means very fresh beer, and you can get in the 3 different manners Hladinka, Mliko and Snyt. Also 3 other Czech and German taps. Around 3 Czech and German beers in bottles/cans, like Bernard, Brlo and Ayinger. Dogs allowed in the bar area.

Current: Temporarily closed down, due to building works at the garden area. New address  not yet known, but they are expecting to open again this autumn.


Not a sea monster – but one of the Pilsner Urquell kegs


9      Barrels Burgers & Beer            – Visited December 2022
SÖ – Bysistorget 4      OS
Nice place in the middle of Södermam. The 6 taps are serving Pilsner Urquell, Goose Island IPA and 3 Craft Beers, which may be a bit unusual. You may find breweries like Bierol, Oedipus Brewing and Perfectly Squared Brewing. Around 20 Craft Beer bottles/cans on the menu of which 13 are altering a bit more often. There is also a board on the wall with around 8 Craft Beer bottles/cans altering even more quickly. (Opened 2018)


9      The Blues Pub            – Visited December 2022
Sundbyberg – Järnvägsgatan 38      OS      🐕

Small personal ”bluesy” pub with some nice bottles/cans, around 40. No interesting beers on tap. Shades of Rock’N’Roll feeling with photos of rock stars and a real guitar included in a wall as decoration! 




9      Caledonian Inn            – Visited December 2022
Spånga – Spånga Kyrkväg 413      OS

Nice pub with great focus on Czech beers. 15 taps but no bottles/cans. The around 11 Craft Beer taps may offer, apart from Staropramen, for instance up to 7 Czech beers like 4 from Permon, maybe 1 from Beer Factory and sometimes a variation of different Staropramen.  Or 7 taps may sometimes concentrate on Oppigårds, Beer Factory or other breweries. October 2021 they hade 4 beers from Skellefteå. The Caledonian tap is in use but never pours the Caledonian beer.




9      Restaurant China            – Visited January 2023
KH – Arbetargatan 33      OS      BREWPUB      

Very nice Chinese restaurant with an own brewery producing beers suitable with the food. 3 own beers on tap and 3 taps with non-Craft beers. A couple of their own beers in bottle/cans. Their brewing is also being done at Asia in Uppsala in order to get labels on the bottles. (Opened 2019)



At their second place at SÖ – Ringvägen 110 serving the same own beers.


9      Halfway Inn            – Visited February 2023
SÖ – Swedenborgsgatan 6      OS
Nice independent cozy local pub, British style. Now extended with an extra room. Around 25 – 40 beers in bottles/cans. However, they’re altering pretty much depending on what nice bottles/cans they happen to obtain. Often 4 Craft Beers on tap like for instance Dugges, Electric Nurse and Södra Maltfabriken or as well as Nynäshamn, Omnipollo and Ten Hands. Also one tap Leffe. 




9      Lill-Lådan            – Visited January 2023
VS – Luntmakargatan 63      🐕      CONCEPT: Swedish beers
Lill-Lådan (‘The Small Box’), next door to Lådan (The Box), is more dedicated to drinks, cocktails and wines from Swedish producers, but still have 5 Craft Beer taps. Nearly no beer bottles/cans. This pretty cosy smaller place is also bookable for private parties. Open evenings Wednesdays – Saturdays. (Opened 2021).




9      Loch Ness Tavern            – Visited February 2023
SÖ – Wollmar Yxkullsgatan 5B      OS      🐕
Small, ambitious and charming independent pub with around 15-20 bottles/cans. Around 4 Craft Beers on tap, often Södra Maltfabriken. When I entered at first I actually asked myself – ‘Suddenly Scotland?’. Dogs are welcome unless the place is not too crowded.


9       Pitcher’s Mariatorget            – Visited January 2023
SÖ – Mariatorget 1A      OS
A big place with a “Craft Bar” close to the Mariatorget entrance. This bar has around 3 Craft Beer taps, for instance Ayinger, Stockholm and Dugges, apart from 1 Nya Carnegiebryggeriet and 1 Brooklyn. The bigger bar has 2 Craft Beer taps, including one house beer, Dugges Pitcher’s Perfect Pale Ale, and for instance one Poppels. Also 6 different Brooklyn and Nya Carnegiebryggeriet. The “Craft Bar” has around 35 Craft Beers in bottles/cans changing every week. There is no list so it is a bit hard to realize what is available and then natyurally to choose. The bigger bar has a list with around 27 Craft Beer bottles/cans and 7 Brooklyn and Nya Carnegiebryggeriet. However, some bottles/cans in the list seems to be among the 35 bottles/cans in the “Craft Bar” as well. You can also watch football and other sports. (Opened 2013)


Tap beers in the “Craft Bar” may look like this.



9       The Queens Head            – Visited March 2023
VS – Drottninggatan 108     OS      RA      🐕
A very nice and big Åbro place. Lots of taps including maybe 7 Craft Beers, though perhaps not the most interesting. There are also 1 or 2 Real Ales, for instance from Nynäshamn, Saltaire and/of Timothy Taylor. Around 60 beers in bottles/cans including for instance some Dugges, Uppsala and some Belgian beers. Also including around 8 bigger bottles suitable for sharing. Relax in the Library – one of the most ‘British’ rooms in town! (Opened 2010)



Part of the English room and one of the small cubicles where you can have a beer on your own, or with your friend


9      Twang            – Visited December 2022
SÖ – Katarina Bangata 25      OS      🐕       
Bohemic café with a focus on small breweries. There is also a guitar shop and a music stage downstairs. 4 Craft Beer taps. Around 20 bottles/cans, including 6 from really a nano-brewery called Lindau, located in a block nearby. 




9      Yttons Bar            – Visited December 2022
SÖ – Skånegatan 90      OS      🐕           

A true “SoFo” bohemian place with lots of music, often played by a DJ. 10 taps including 2 rotating Craft Beers as for example from Duckpond or Dugges, 2 Nya Carnegiebryggeriet and 2 Brooklyn. Around 30 varying Craft Beers in bottles/cans, like for instance Brewski, Duckpond, Dugges, Apex, Ten Hands, To Öl, Furst Wiacek, Omnipollo and more.


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8      Brother Tuck            – Visited November 2022
SÖ – Götgatan 85      OS      🐕      
A sort of classic pleasant place at southern Södermalm with very nice interior. 1 Craft Beer tap from Mikkeller, apart from Lagunitas, Sigtuna, S:t Eriks and 5 Nya Carnegiebryggeriet and Brooklyn. Around 50 bottles/cans, for instance Boulevard, Dugges, Stockholm and more, plus some Belgian ones. Dogs are welcome in the area close to the entrance and if other guests don’t mind. (Opened 1991).


8      The Doors            – Visited February 2023
VS – Odengatan 35      OS

Cozy pub, especially the old half at the right. Not so many interesting beers on tap, but still D’Achouffe, Westmalle, Leffe, Great Divide IPA and 1 Oppigårds, apart from 1 S:t Erik and 1 Brooklyn. Around 30 Craft Beer bottles/cans including some Dugges or Oppigårds and Belgian ones. Some beers are served in the correct brewery glasses – for instance the Belgium St Stefanus, Westmalle and D’Achouffe. 



8      Eight Friends Inn            – Visited October 2022
Nynäshamn – Järnvägsgatan 1      OS      🐕     
Very nice English pub in an old railway station house decorated with a lot of pop music and film star pictures. Around 4 Craft Beers on tap – 3 of them from the Nynäshamn Ångbryggeri. Around 30 Craft Beer bottles/cans. Summertime live music outdoors most Fridays and Sundays.




8      Humlehof            – Visited November 2022
SÖ – Folkungagatan 128      OS      🐕      CONCEPT: Czech Beer Hall
Very nice Czech place with a pleasant atmosphere. Around 4 genuine Czech beers on the 8 taps like Kozel and Master. Around 4 Czech bottles/cans and 3 German. Good service. Nice indeed they hang on to their concept. Some beers served in correct glasses like Master III.




8      The King’s Fox            – Visited December 2022
CT – Kungsgatan 27      🐕 
A new and pretty big pub in Galways old premises, now run by Åbro, and very nicely re-decorated. At the entrance is a very small bar with 6 of their probably most common Åbro taps. Upstairs is a much bigger bar. with, as in December 2022, 2 Brewdog taps and 4 Craft Beer taps from Uppsala Brygghus. The around 10 bottles/cans not so interesting, but they are building up a new selection bottles/cans. (Opened 2021)

Current: Aiming with start in December to build up a new selection bottles/cans.

The small bar at the entrance


8      Svenska Hamburgerköket            – Visited October 2022
Midsommarkransen – Tellusborgsvägen 78      OS

The place has very good hamburgers and is located in a suburban area. Around 40 different Craft Beers in bottles/cans. Nearly all of the bottles/cans on the shelf below the ceiling at the right wall, are nowadays just decoration. 8 taps with not very interesting beers like Bernard, Lagunitas and some different S:t Eriks. apart from one Mikkeller tap.


8      Tjoget            – Visited January 2023
HO – Hornsbruksgatan 24      OS      🐕 
Simple and often crowded place with 4 different sections. The Beer Café at the left of the entrance. The two taps have for instance Pilsner Urquell, sometimes an unfiltered Pilsner Urquell, the Czechish Master or an Italian lager like Peroni. Around 40 Craft Beer bottles/cans of good selection.


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7      Brother Tuck            – Visited February 2023
SÖ – Götgatan 85      OS      🐕      
A sort of classic pleasant place at southern Södermalm with very nice interior. Most Interesting taps are d’Achouffe and Lagunitas. Also 1 Sigtuna and 1 S:t Eriks and 5 Nya Carnegiebryggeriet and Brooklyn. Around 30 bottles/cans, for instance Baladin, Boulevard, Dugges, Stockholm and more, plus some Belgian ones. Dogs are welcome in the area close to the entrance and if other guests don’t mind. (Opened 1991).



7      Franky’s Burger            – Visited November 2022
VS – Tegnergatan 16      OS
Nice basic but somewhat American style of Burger place. 4 taps of limited interest like Lagunitas, Vedette and Sigtuna. Around 15 Craft Beer bottles/cans. Closes 9 pm.


7      Hospodske Dvere            – Visited November 2022
SÖ – Tjärhovsgatan 4 (Use the entrance of Kvarnen)      CONCEPT: Czech beer hall 
Great initiative and nice interior of a Czech beer hall, but the 2-3 different Staropramen are the only Czech beers available. On the other hand there are 6 Nya Carnegiebryggeriet beers available on tap and a few non-craft beers, but that is not very Czech. No interesting bottles. (Opened 2013)


7      Lily’s Burger            – Visited January 2023
KH – Hornsbergs strand 47      OS      
Nice American style Hamburger hangout. 1 Kona Brewing, Hawaii on tap. Around 30 bottles/cans.



7      Lily’s Burger            – Visited January 2023
SÖ – Södermannagatan 27      OS
Nice American style Hamburger hangout. 3 taps serving 2 Brooklyn. Around 40 Craft Beer bottles/cans.



7      Pickwick Restaurant and Pub            – Visited February 2023
CT – Drottninggatan 6     OS      🐕 
A nice bar in an old house with some fine decorations. Just look at the ceiling. Not so interesting beers on tap, apart from Grimbergen and maybe 4 Nya Carnegiebryggeriet and Brooklyn. However, there is one rotating Craft Beer tap, which may pour beer from Stone or Nya Carnegiebryggeriet as well, but this is not always in use. Maybe 40 Craft Beer bottles/cans.


7      The Roo And Elk            – Visited December 2022
SÖ – Folkungagatan 81      🐕      CONCEPT: Australian Beers
Australian place in a simple but nice atmosphere. Around 15 Australian beers in bottles/cans. No Australian beers on tap. (Opened 2018)

Current: 2 out of 15 Australian beers available in bottles/cans. Big delivery problems due to both Brexit and the Ukraine situation.


7      Sjätte Tunnan            – Visited January 2023
GS – Stora Nygatan 43      OS      🐕
A very nice old vaults cellar place in Gamla Stan running 1700’s parties with focus on Mead – they have nearly 40 different Meads. 1 Craft Beer tap, for instance from Magic Rock. The bar at the ground floor does not have any nice Craft Beer bottles/cans, but there is a cozier bar downstairs in the cellar, having around 27 Craft Beer bottles/cans. Around 12 Craft Beers are listed on a special guest beer list, while the other Craft Beers are included on a beer board together with the Spendrups and Gotland selection. Bottles/cans list on Untappd. Very small outdoor seating.



7      Skrovet            – Visited July 2022
SÖ – Hammarby Slussväg 17      OS            🐕 
Very nice Summer place with view over the water Årstaviken. Around 14 Craft Beer bottles/cans – 7 or 8 from Nynäshamn, and for example sometimes 2 from Oppigårds and 1 Rodenbach. Open in April at weekends and holidays, in May – October 3rd all days if the weather allows. (Opened 2009)

Current: Closed for the season. Opens again April 2023.




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Places Bubbling Under or Nice To Know


Mosebacketerassen            – Visited May 2022
SÖ – Mosebacke Torg 1      OS            🐕
Outdoor seating only. Fantastic view over Stockholm. Ölkiosken nowadays sadly with beers from the Spendrups portfolio only. Around 10 taps including Norrlands Guld, Mariestad and some Gotlands. And some bottles/cans.

Current: Closed for the season. Opens again March 2023.


Restaurang Skanskvarn            – Visited July 2022
Gullmarsplan – Simlångsvägen 56      OS            🐕
A genuine nice old Windmill transferred into a Restaurant, adjacent to the Green Line Metro tracks at Gullmarsplan. There is a big semi-outdoor seating with an own bar and roof all over with a grand view towards Södermalm. No interesting beers on tap, but they have around 9 Craft Beer bottles/cans. Most interesting thing is they run a Beer Festival each August in the semi-outdoor seating. Dogs allowed in the semi-outdoor seating only, not in the building. In case the weather isn’t too good, call 08-91 23 00 to be sure how long they are open tonight. (Opened 1930).

Current:  Closed for the season. Opens again spring 2023.




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Old Time Classic Institutions

          Kvarnen            – Visited November 2022
SÖ – Tjärhovsgatan 4
Classic Beer hall. 20 non-Craft Beer taps. However, 5 more taps from Nya Carnegiebryggeriet and Brooklyn are the most interesting. Maybe 10 Craft Beer bottles/cans.. (Opened 1908).


12        Löwenbräu
KH – Fridhemsplan 29      OS
See main list above. 


           Pelikan            – Visited November 2022
SÖ – Blekingegatan 40
Classic Beer hall at the right of the entrance. 3 taps Nya Carnegiebryggeriet and 3 taps from Brooklyn are the most interesting. (Opened 1664 in the Slussen area).

At the very small bar in the main dining room at the right.


           S:ta Clara Bierhaus            – Visited November 2022
GS – Lilla Nygatan 17      🐕
Somewhat German style of place up to the 1960s located in Klara in the center of Stockholm. 15 beers on tap including 2 common German beers like Erdinger and Holsten, around 7 different beers from Brooklyn and  Nya Carnegiebryggeriet are the most interesting. Around 5 bottles/cans from Danderyd brewery. and a few Belgian ones. (Opened 1867 in Klara).



          Tennstopet             – Visited July 2022
VS – Dalagatan 50      OS
In the 1960’s this place moved from the Klara blocks in the center of Stockholm. A lot of the old interior was brought, especially in the dining room. 2020 extended with a grill restaurant in 3 floors with an own bar.  4 taps Nya Carnegiebryggeriet and Brooklyn, Nearly no Craft Beer bottles/cans except for one own bottle “Tennstopets Original”, an ale brewed by Qvänum Mat & Malt. (Opened 1897 at Fredsgatan 9 as a pool table salon).

Their house brew, Tennstopets Original, brewed by Qvänum Mat & Malt.


18       Zum Franziskaner
GS – Skeppsbron 44      OS      CONCEPT: German style beers
See main list above.




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Places Closed Down

17      Bishops Arms Hornstull   
HO – Hornsgatan 154      OS      RA      W
One of the best Bishops Arms places in Stockholm. Most often 20 Craft Beers on tap. Also 1 tap Real Ale. Has been running very nice beer events as tap-takeovers now and then with 20-25 taps, like Ballast Point, Stockholm Brewing, Founders, Stone and now in June 2019 a fantastic Gothenburg Phenomenon tap takeover with 26 beers. Around 100 beers in bottles and 240 different whiskies. (Opened 2013, closed 2020)

16     Bishops Arms Folkungagatan
Folkungagatan 105      OS
Always an impressive beer selection in taps and bottles. Now and then really great Beermaker’s Dinner with brewers – in Feb 2015 an excellent one with Närke brewery. Sometimes Fri and Sat distributor Brill run special selection of beers upstairs. (Opened 2007, closed 2017) 

16      Guest Izakaya  (Still open, but without the old beer selection)
CT – Döbelnsgatan 8

Nice and not very common combination of Craft Beers and Ramen and other Japanese dishes – but this works! (On Mondays there are sausages). Located in a growing beer cluster in the nearness of Bierhaus, Lådan and the ManInTheMoon places. 10 Craft Beers on tap. Around 25 Craft Beer bottles/cans – however, it will vary, depending on what nice and unique beers they succeed to find. Also an interesting selection of very modern wines. There is also a room  downstairs suitable for special beer events. (Opened 2022, closed 2023)

16      Mikkeller Bar
Döbelnsgatan 25
Great bar with 20 craft beer taps (Opened 2014,  closed 2015)

16      WAZA Restaurang & Bryggeri
CT – Wallingatan 38      OS      BREWPUB

A perfect Stockholm Brewpub (and restaurant), centrally located, and very nicely refurbished. 17 Craft Beers on tap, often including up to maybe 14 own WAZA beers, the amount varies a lot. One tap is dedicated to Duvel. Other beers varies a lot, you may find for instance great beers, like even vintage De Struise Pannepot. Around 100 beers in bottles/cans, including some very nice bigger bottles suitable for sharing. And even the spectacular Sierra Nevada Utopia from 2009. (Opened 2018)

15      Bishops Arms Linnégatan
ÖM – Linnégatan 1       OS      AC
Very pleasant Bishops Arms close to the Humlegården park. Rather steady, around 15 Craft Beers on tap,  including usually around 6 Swedish Craft Beers. Around 90 bottles. (Closed 2019)

15      Low And Slow Smokehouse
CT – Luntmakargatan 98      OS      CONCEPT: American beers.
Great concept place – a BBQ restaurant with American beers harmonizing with true BBQ dishes and music from The South. One tap with Samuel Adams as standard and 2-3 varying American guest taps. Around 35 nice American bottles, for instance, Melvin, Stillwater, Sweetwater and many others. Sometimes some a bit more unusual selections. Also around 4 very local Swedish Craft Beer bottles. Food is done in a true BBQ tradition. Closed Mondays. Dogs are welcome in the bar area. Very small outdoor seating. (Opened 2017, closed 2019) 

15      NK Ölbar
Hamngatan 18-20
Nice interior, despite being a department store. Very good selection of around 130 bottles, sometimes more than 150. And to very reasonable prices. 4 – 6 beers on tap. Now and then Beer Events, for instance this February they had Founders Brewing Co on taps and bottles. Very good service with also water being served as standard. (Closed 2018)

14      Empourium
Sundbyberg, Nybergs Torg 4
A new ‘brother’ to Oliver Twist. in a suburban place with nice special atmosphere. Around 28 beers on tap and 60 beers on bottles. (Opened 2016,  closed 2017)

14      Frequency Beer Works Tap Room
CT – Tegnérgatan 10 (Entrance through Bierhaus)      OS
Mostly 8 beers on tap, mainly their own Frequency beers, but often 1-4 they fancy. Around 35 bottles. Nice decadent atmosphere. Lots of vinyls and CDs to be played by customers. Food include wraps, sausages and Bierhaus’ burgers. (Opened 2017, closed 2019)

14      Monks Porter House
Munkbron 11      OS      W
A fantastic and very cozy old historic cellar! Located slightly off the main amusement streets in Gamla Stan. Not just beers from some great breweries, but also beers brewed by Monks. 19 beers on tap. Good selection in bottles. (Opened 2010, closed 2017)

14      Monks American Bar
Sveavägen 39      OS
Has had a lot of American beers – often 8 American, 4 own and 3 others on tap – now mixed up with some others as well. Also a lot of bottles, both American and others. Restaurant upstairs. The only of the old Monks places still around. However, the place is in July getting a new owner – let’s see what happens. (Closed 2018)

14      Nook            – The old one has closed down. A new Nook has opened at SÖ – Rosenlundsgatan 33
SÖ – Åsögatan 176      OS

An ambitious restaurant with a corresponding bar. 4 taps – Primator, and 3 more or less rotating Craft Beer taps, can vary from Cantillon to Wicked Weed, Vocation, or Verdant. Around 50 Craft Beer bottles/cans of a nice and varied selection – half of them are rotating continuously with new nice beers, for instance including Dieu De Ciel and big bottles Rodenbach. Good knowledge of Craft Beers.

14      Treskillingen
Lilla Nygatan 6      CONCEPT: Belgian beers 
Great personal selection of Belgian beers. Good knowledge and located in somewhat spectacular museum surroundings. 2 or 3 beers on tap (for instance last Dec/Jan De Dolle Stille Nacht) and around 70 in bottles. (Closed 2018)

13      Folk & Friends Hornstull
HO – Hornsgatan 180      OS      AC      3,5 % PLACE      🐕

A beautiful place, very finely decorated, serving 3,5 % beers maximum. Located close to Hornstull Strand by the water, in a presently very trendy area. 5 beers on tap often including some own brews – brewed bu Folk & Brew, and often in collaboration with for instance Brekeriet, Tempel or Unibärsum. Around 70 bottles/cans. Bottles/cans list also on Untappd. While enjoying a beer you can also have fun playing table and Card Games. (Opened 2018, closed 2022)

13      Monks Café & Brewery
Wallingatan 38      BREWPUB
First Monks established. More than 1400 beers in bottles from more than 70 countries! Some great own brews – certain home brew collaborations can be fantastic. Lots of events you find in their news e-mails, like brewing classes, beer tasting classes etcetera. (Opened 2008, closed 2017)

13      Sundbybergs Köksbryggeri
Sundbyberg – Sturegatan 41      BREWPUB

Brewery located in a nice old church. The brewing equipment on the ground floor, while the pub is upstairs at the balcony surrounding the big room. Around 6 beers of theirs on tap, sometimes including a Guest beer. Usually around 12 beers in bottles including 6 of their own bottles, but the amount can vary. You can have dinner. Open Wednesday – Saturday. 

12      Brödernas by Hopsan
HO – Hornsgatan 180      OS       Brödernas is open, but the Craft Beers are gone.

Nice Hamburger hangout in the premises of an old Texas Longhorn place. 8 Craft Beers on tap and around 30 bottles/cans. Sometimes they run Tap Takeovers, for instance with PKLK in October 2020. (Opened 2020, closed 2021)

12      World Of Beers
Lilla Bantorget 3      OS 
Nice place in dark blue tiles, close to the railway tracks by the start of Torsgatan. Around 130 bottles including 90 Craft Beers. Taps are maybe not so interesting except for Cuvee Van De Kaizer, Lagunitas Sigtuna and one Beavertown. Dogs are allowed if there aren’t too many people. (Opened 2018, closed 2019)

12      Patty’s
HO – Hornsgatan 154      OS     RA      🐕
A British style pub opened in the premises of one of the old Bishops Arms places. A lot of the old nice  interior has been kept. Nowadays only around 5 rotating Craft Beers on tap – apart from some taps Lagunitas, Sigtuna, S:t Eriks and Samuel Adams; taps which do not alter at all. But you may still find for instance things like Founders Imperial Gose. Also one Real Ale. Around 90 Craft Beer bottles/cans. (Opened 2020, Closed 2022)

11      Big Country
Döbelnsgatan 25
20 mainly Swedish craft beers on tap. Some bottles. (Opened 2015,  closed 2016)

11      Chicken Bar
Scheelegatan 20
Pretty nice modern Wicked Wine bar. 2-4 beers on tap and around 70 bottles from Swedish Wicked Wine distributor including beers from Mohawk, Founders, Dieu De Ciel, Sierra Nevada and Ölvisholt. (Opened 2016, closed 2018)

11      Taylor & Jones With A Twist
Hornstull, Långholmsgatan 17
Nice small place with a junkyard feeling. 7 beers on tap and 35 in bottles. Food is focused on different nice sausages.. (Opened 2013, closed 2016).

10      Cownteen
SÖ – Magnus Ladulåsgatan 29

Nice rustic barbecue place, also serving pizzas. Around 3 Craft Beer taps and some 40 bottles.(Closed 2021).

10      Folkölsbutiken
Hornsgatan 42      3,5 % PLACE

Scandinavian beers, maximum 3,5 % alcohol. Around 70 bottles and 2-3 beers on tap. Interior is pretty basic and mainly a shop, but you are welcome to sit down having a beer or two. (Opened 2016, closed 2018)

10      M-Bar-Go
HO – Bergsunds Strand 35      OS 

Indescribable modern bar atmosphere. Nice selection of around 60 bottles/cans with focus on beers from mainly  Dugges, Mikkeller, Omnipollo, and To Öl. Not many interesting on tap – only one guest Craft Beer, maybe from Electric Nurse or Omnipollo and others. (Closed 2021).

10      Monks Whiskey Paradise
Munkbron 15      W
Struisse beers on tap. (Closed 2016)

10      Snotty Seaside
HO – Lindvallsgatan 11-13      OS
Nice place with live music downstairs. 8 Craft Beer taps including for instance TT, Gamla Enskede, Sigtuna, Dugges, Brekeriet, Södra Maltfabriken and Poppels. Around 15 Craft Beer bottles/cans, but the amount varies depending on what they find and sell. (Opened 2019, closed 2022).

9       Amaranten
Kungsholmsgatan 31
The hotel is open – only the craft beers in the lobby is gone.

9      Dogfood
CT – Luntmakargatan 63
A new nicely decorated Dogfood in new premises next door to the Lådan place. 5 Craft Beer taps including an own brew together with Stockholm Brewing called Hop Dog. Around 15 Craft Beers in bottles. The place has a focus on Hot Dogs and Hot Chicken. (Opened 2017, closed 2020). 

9      Ponton 28 Italia
KH – Pontonjärgatan 28      OS
A restaurant with a pretty nice selection of Craft Beers. Often one Japanese Craft Beer on tap from the  brewery Baird, one Goose Island IPA and Leffe on tap. Around 55 Craft Beer bottles including for example Harpoon beers, around 10 Japanese bottles, 11 different bottles from Nils Oscar brewery and a few Liefmans. (Opened 2018, closed 2019).

9       Printz Ölhall
Solna, Mall Of Scandinavia
Modern premises in Scandinavia’s biggest shopping center. Around 18 beers on taps – best maybe the 8 from Brooklyn and Nya Carnegiebryggeriet. The around 85 bottles include pretty many craft beer breweries. (Opened 2015,  closed 2017).

9      Swedish Brewing Bar & Showroom
Regeringsgatan 71     OS
Nice decadent flash-light music place with stickers and posters. 5-6 beers on tap, sometimes including 1 or 2 from Coppersmith brewery. Around 5 bottles. Pretty often the place turns into a late night Disco. A few smaller dishes available. (Opened 2016, closed 2018).

9      Whitman’s Deli
SÖ – Katarina Bangata 21      OS
Nice Food Café with some Craft Beers – 6 on tap and around 8 in bottles. No non-Craft Beers. (Closed 2019)

9      Ölbistron No. 50
SÖ – Tjärhovsgatan 50      OS      CONCEPT: Local beers
Rather small quite OK place. Most often 6-8 Craft Beer taps from local breweries like Qvarnen, Nacka and  Gamla Enskede and sometimes Oppigårds and 2 non-Swedish beers. Usually around 15 Craft Beer bottles sometimes including some more odd ones like 4 Russian. (Initially carrying the name Ölerian) (Opened 2017, closed 2019).

8      19 Glas
GS – Stora Nygatan 19      OS
7 nice beers on tap. Most often Närke Örebro Bitter, De Molen Hel & Verdemnis and 3 Nils-Oscar. 2 Craft Beer bottles. This is actually a restaurant, but you may just sit down with a beer or two in cozy surroundings. (Closed 2019)

8       Proviant Kungsholmen
Arbetargatan 33      OS      BREWPUB
Modern agriculture style. The place brew own beer nearly every Sunday in part of the premises. Often around 6 beers on tap of which 3-5 of their own. Some of their own beers and around 5 others are available in bottles. The place is only open for lunch. (Opened 2014, closed 2018)

7      The Flying Elk
GS – Mälartorget 15      OS
Conveniently close to the Metro station Gamla Stan, this place is now run by Ãbro and very much refurbished. The old restaurant room is made into a pub with a big rectangular bar counter in the middle of the room. The 15 taps pours 1 rotating Craft Beers, may for instance Smith Street or Uppsala apart from one tap Sierra Nevada. Around 30 Craft Beer bottles/cans including some special ones like Uppsala Slumberjoe Imperial Stout. The old inner pub is completely refurbished in a very nice way, having the same beers as the outer bar. (Repened 2021, closed 2021, reopened 2022, closed 2023)

7       Printz Mathall
Globen, Arenavägen 71
Very big beer hall. Interesting beers on bottle only – the taps are not so interesting. (Opened 2013,  closed 2015)

6       Printz Ölhall
Globen, Arenavägen 71
Additional hall focusing on beers from Nya Carnegiebryggeriet. (Opened 2014,  closed 2015).

6      Ölkiosken
SÖ – Mosebacke Torg 1      This old small building is gone, but new place opened at Mosebacketerassen, see bubbling under.
Outdoor seating only. Open Wednesdays-Saturdays from April to September when the weather allows. A very grand view over Stockholm certainly adding to the beer tasting. (Demolished 2018)

GS – Munkbron 15        BREWPUB
A new nice place – still with pretty rough interior, not saying so much yet. Very talented and knowledgeable brewer who runs it. (Opened 2016, closed 2016) 

VS – Rörstrandsgatan 19      OS     CONCEPT: Czech beers 
Smaller ‘Brother’ to Humlehof at Folkungagatan. 4-5 Czech beers on tap. 3 Czech beers in bottles and 2 others. Dogs usually welcome – depending on the amount of guests. (Closed 2020)

Aarts Mat & Dryck
Åsögatan 126
Closed 2014.

Tegnérs Gömställe
Upplandsgatan 17
A good place focusing on craft beers from small Swedish breweries. Closed 2013.



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