Uppsala Top Beer Places
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Uppsala Top Beer Places

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2017 10 26    12:06

Updated 2018 02 23

Uppsala has last years developed into a flowering craft beer city. Not only an old place like O’Connors seems to prosper but really some new ones as well. 

This pub guide on Uppsala is compiled and updated from how fun Beertil think it is to visit these places from a craft beer point of view. Places with lower ratings can naturally be very good from other points of views. Neither Food, Whiskey, Wine nor Drink selections are included in the ratings.

Ratings are considered over time, some places vary, some don’t. If not otherwise stated references are made to beers coming from craft beer breweries.

This guide is continuously updated.



Some explanations

B  Uppsala Top Beer Places

Places Bubbling Under

Places Closed Down

Nice to know



Some explanations:

Highest rating is 20. Rating before the name of the place. 

OS = Outdoor seating summertime or when the weather allows. (This is however no guarantee all places are open all the time)

BREWPUB = Pub including a brewery.

CONCEPT = The place has a certain concept – not just good beers and/or good food

Food is judged independently from the quality of these places as beer venues. And only if I think “This meal had something extra so it ought to be mentioned”. This is just a random information as it happens, why it is possible to find good food at any place. If nothing is stated it is possible to have dinner. In case of only small dishes, this is stated.
Food levels are either none (can still be very OK), +, ++, +++.

W = Also specializes in a great Whisky selection. (Other places may very well have a fine Whisky selection too).


Uppsala Top Beer Places


17      Bierhuis 
S:t Olofsgatan 23      Food: ++      CONCEPT: Belgian beers.
Excellent Belgian concept. The ceiling over the dining room is painted in a kind of French classic style. The menu is written in Flemish and English – not in Swedish. 24 Belgian beers on taps in a very nice big circular bar. Around 100 beers on bottle.  (Opened 2016).


16      Bishops Arms 
Bäverns gränd 17      OS
Pretty big place but still with very nice cozy atmosphere in true Bishops Arms’ English style. Good selection on tap, around 15 craft beers. Also 350 bottles. Now and then different Beer Events. (Opened 2017).

BEER EVENT: March 3rd: 1 year jubilee.

BEER EVENT: March 23rd: Edge Brewing Tap Takover


16      DomCraft
S:t Eriks Gränd 15      Food: small dishes
Pretty small place in old-time historic surroundings close to Uppsala Domkyrka. 20 beers on tap. Now and then Beer Events. Good Restaurant downstairs (own entrance) called Domtrappkällaren

BEER EVENT: February 28th: Lagunitas Brewing Company Tap Takeover


15      O’Connors
Stora Torget 1
Classic Irish pub in Uppsala. Nowadays including a lot of craft beers – 28 taps with around 16 craft beers and over 300 bottles. Live music Fridays and Saturdays. (Opened 1993)


15      Taps Beer Bar
Drottninggatan 8      OS      Food: small dishes
Pretty small place – clean rather basic atmosphere. 10 very well chosen beers on tap and around 20 bottles.  (Opened 2017)


15      Williams
Åsgränd 5Å
Pretty small pub in very pleasant English style, located just west of Uppsala Domkyrka in the academic area. New interior 2015. More than 100 bottle, including some less intersting. Around five nice Craft Beers on tap like for instance Warpigs, Omnipollo as well as local breweries like Tempel and Beer Monkey.


13      Bryggeriet Ångkvarn
Östra Ågatan 59      OS      BREWPUB
Nice location by the river Fyrisån. Brewery surrounded by a Gastropub having 12-14 of Ångkvarn beers on tap, no guest taps. Around 60 beers on bottle. Pretty big premises in semi-modern brewery style.


12      Churchill Arms
S:t Olofsgatan 30
Nice traditional pub atmosphere. 15 beers on tap of which maybe 5 are more interesting. Maybe 200 bottles including non-craft beers. (Opened 2013) (No connection to Churchill Arms in Stockholm. This place started the Bierhuis venue in Uppsala).

BEER EVENT: March 2nd: Stockholm Brewing Tap Takeover


11      Messob
Sturegatan 4      CONCEPT: African beers
Ambitious African Restaurant, very service minded, and with great nice friendly atmosphere. African food is combined with African beverages – including beers – for a true African experience. I had just one excellent beer but still got a carafe of water, a glass and a napkin as well! Around 30 bottles with beers from Morocco, Ethiopia, Angola, Cameron, Tanzania, South Africa, Ghana, Eritrea, Namibia and maybe some more African countries – only! Some are however licensee brewed in Germany.


10        O’Neill’s
Dragarbrunnsgatan 53
Nice Irish pub with 14 beers on tap of which 6 are craft beers. Around 25 standard bottles and 25 craft beer bottles. Also a cellar downstairs. (Place previously known as Buddy’s).


9       Sherlock
Klostergatan 16
Nice and small combined pub and restaurant with maybe 20 beers on bottle. 3-4 local craft beers on tap. Also some standard beers and recently one Firestone Walker and one Four Pure.



Beer Places Bubbling Under

            Bastard Burgers
Dragarbrunnsgatan 43A
Nice Burger place. No beers on tap, but around 20 craft beer bottles.



Beer Places Closed Down

          Pipes Of Scotland
Kungsgatan 27



Nice to know:

In case you want to travel on the railway line Göteborg – Stockholm – Uppsala you should have in mind the train “Blå Tåget” (run by Skandinaviska Jernbanor) are serving 7 different beers from Swedish craft beer brewery Rådanäs. These trains include one bar car with live piano music and one restaurant car as well.



If you have any thoughts about this list of Top Beer Places, please do not hesitate to send an email to

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