We’re going global
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We’re going global

2019 05 23    15:42

After six years and 23 issues in Swedish it’s time to go global with c/o HOPS. During 2020 the first issue of the english version will hit the market. But you can order it already now. The first 1000 orders will get a tote bag for free and their names printed in the first issue. The names will appear in the order by which the subscriptions are received.

The English version of c/o HOPS is going to be 200+ pages biannual and include: food and beer pairings, expanded cityguides/travel reportage, homebrewing, long interview portraits and big features with topics like beer and cheese, barrel aging and off flavors. + we’re adding some new sections that we’re going to present more of during the summer.


The content

The cover story
In our cover stories we dig deep into one topic and give it the space it needs to be explained. We travel to the source and meet the people behind the stories. These are some of the cover stories in the Swedish editions so far: Sensory. The history of Porter and Stout. Lambicland with Cantillon, Boon, 3 fonteinen and de Cam. Off flavors. Aging beer. The history of Saison.



People of the beer scene
Interviews with the people who brew, sell and serve our favorite beverage.

Travel reportage / city guides
This is where we guide you to a city our regions best pub, bars and restaurants. We always produce this at the location we’re covering and let the locals guide us.

Beer & Food
We really believe that food is the way to the heart, and when it’s paired with right beer, magic happens. In every issue we collaborate with a chef who put together and cook a menu for us, that we pair with the best beer. And we explain why the flavors goes so well together. Always includes recipes.

Where we guide you to better homebrews. Always with recipes, both created by us and from breweries.






Instead of rate – we describe
Instead of rating the beers we’re writing about we describe it with text and our spider diagram. We believe that our readers can learn what they are liking, and don’t reject a beer because of low ratings.

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